Happy Halloween

Holidays are always good themes to use for animating, and with Lego making a great range of Horrow/Halloween themed Minifigures, we just couldn’t resist the temptation this year… We used minifigures from the Collectibles Series, Scooby Doo and Dr Who to bring the horror to life, plus some great Skull … Continue reading

iMotion App on 5th Gen iPod Touch

As we continue to look at Stop Motion Animation apps for smartphones and tablets, our next stop is the iMotion App from Fingerlabs and this time we test it on a 5th Gen iPod Touch, with a 5mp iSight Camera. iMotion is available across the iPhone, iPad and iPod range … Continue reading

Stop Motion Studio on Windows Nokia Lumia 635 Review

Recently, I wanted an app for my Windows Nokia Lumia 635 Phone, for when I’m out of the house, and needed to make some stop motion videos. I came across an app called Stop Motion Studio, from Cateater LLC. Before I get into the app, I would like to mention … Continue reading

“Motion” App on Samsung Galaxy GT18200N Review

So, in keeping with our series of Stop Motion apps on Smart Phones and Tablets, today we look at an App called Motion on a Samsung Galaxy GT18200N from 2014 running Android 4.2.2 with a 5mp camera. Honestly, I am frustrated, and this blog is actually going to touch on … Continue reading

Stop Motion Café App on iPhone 6 Review

Continuing with our Smart Phone Stop Motion series, today we look at Stop Motion Café on the iPhone 6, which is available for FREE from the App store, and works on iPhone and iPad. Getting straight into it, this is a relatively simple app that lacks a lot of the … Continue reading

Lego Movie Maker Stop Motion App on iPhone 6 Review

The Lego Movie Maker App, FREE from App Store on iPhone, iPad & iPod Today we continue to look at Stop Motion Apps for smart phones and tablets, with this blog concentrating on the Lego Movie Stop Motion App being used on an iPhone 6. With the release of the … Continue reading

Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator on Kindle Fire HD Review

The love of Brickfilming seems to be growing in our house. I try to involve the kids in the animations as much as I can, and they have joined me in building sets, designing minifigures, voice over work, acting and animating during the time we have been making Brick Films… … Continue reading

Lego Star Wars, The Clone Awakens…

Like many many people, our household is full of Star Wars fans, with myself being a fan since I was a kid all those many years ago… When they announced that they were making The Force Awakens, we watched all the trailers eagerly and kept up with all of the … Continue reading