Plaster Minifigures – School Holiday Activity!

A lot of parents I have talked too find the Summer Holidays a difficult time to be a parent, trying to entertain kids that are full of energy and who like to complain they are bored, especially when it is raining outside and they are not allowed to sit in … Continue reading

Featured Animator – Designasaur

This time we take a slightly different look at animation, moving away from plastic minifigures to look at an animator with a self appointed PHD in Plasticine! Name: Designasaur Location: UK 1. How long have you been animating? I made my first stop motion film about 8 years ago and … Continue reading

Lego Star Wars – Clone Commander Rex Minifigure Comparison

LEGO® Clones – Rip-Offs VS Official LEGO® Products                       As a website that concentrates on manipulating LEGO minifigures to create animations, we are often looking for new minifigures to be the actors in our films. The LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series … Continue reading

The Playtrix – The Matrix Parody Animation

Hi guys, So firstly let me apologise for our absence the past few months. Real life really took hold as we fought injuries, illness, increased work loads and other problems. All the while I was getting itchy to create, but for the past few months I have had to give … Continue reading

Christmas Animation (or lack thereof…)

So, its that time of year when the cupboards are full of nice food, the decorations are up, the kids (and parents) are excited and everyone is publishing their Christmas animations… Except for us that is… We were all ready to do a couple of Christmas based animations, the sets … Continue reading