The Devil Made Me

Today saw the release of our new Brick Film, or more precisely Brick Music Video. Our good friend and talented musician Paul Miro has released his new double A side single, All Hope Is Gone and The Devil Made Me, and we have had the great pleasure of working on the music videos for both. The video for All Hope Is Gone is a simple but effective lyric video using a great bit of software called Superstring which can be purchased from the Mac App Store. Check out the video here:

The second video for The Devil Made Me is a full on legomation that took us quite a while to do. It is filmed in 18 frames per second on the iPad version of Cateater’s Stop Motion Studio, using an iPhone 4 as a remote camera via wifi. The scenes were then compiled, retouched and edited to the music in Final Cut on our desktop iMac. Our great sponsors supplied us with some great minifigure parts to build the custom characters and sets, so a big thanks goes out to them! I have lost how many hours we spent on this, meticulously moving our hero Timmy one peg leg fraction at a time until his meeting with his dark destiny! Check out the video here:

We hope you enjoy the video and Paul’s music and hope that you will help Paul fund his new album by making a pledge here:
Pledging for the album won’t just get you one albums worth of great music, but loads (and I mean loads) of bonus material from videos of Paul explaining some of the songs, live acoustic videos of the songs and a whole album of live acoustic material from various gigs Paul has played, all for the price of one album! You really should do it! 😉

Here’s a couple of pics of the minifigures we used below, we will get a full gallery of the project up soon!

DSCF4778 DSCF4784 DSCF4813DSCF4812 - Version 2

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