Gamma Scientist Review


Some of the starring minifigures from our forthcoming “Hulk Transformation”

Hello and welcome to the CUSTOM Gamma Scientist Minifigure review! He is based on Bruce Banner, the scientist in Marvel that turns into the Incredible Hulk, the ‘ big green guy ‘ as known by Iron Man. We wanted him because he is a lot like Banner, and we are making an animation of the transformation from minifigure to Hulk. But the figure from didn’t look exactly like we needed, so we asked them make us a custom version to our specifications, including purple trousers and black hair. He arrived today, along with a ‘ Mr Invisible ‘ figure (as seen below, or not as the case may be!)

He has a double sided head, with one of them showing a sad face with midnight shadow, the other showing an infuriated face, a gamma – infected eye, and a gamma – infected scar. His hairpiece is a normal short black one with a fringe. He has a rip on the back of his torso, a broken belt on his waist, a green arm, and rips on the front of his torso and on his right leg. He is truly an amazing figure and there is a non – custom version of him at Mini figures .com if you want one.


Mr Invisible waiting to be opened!


He’s not looking happy here!


Take a look at the awesome detail!


Good thing he has his back to us!

He will be featured in our Hulk transformation animation, which we will start working on soon, so check back soon to hear more about it! For more cool figures, go to and to see some awesome animations, go to the ‘studio’ section on this website!


Written by: Morgan Husbands, aged 8.

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