Deadpool In DC – Deadpool VS Green Lantern


In my mind we are living in a golden age of film… With so many great stories built up over the years to draw from, and the technology more available than ever to bring them to the big screen in a fashion that will do the stories justice, it is no surprise that LEGO® now license from some of the big cinematic franchises to tie in with their new releases… Star Wars, The Simpsons, DC Comics, Marvel Entertainment, Lord Of The Rings and many many more have all been given the LEGO® treatment, making more and more fun, cool characters available to minifigure collectors and Brick Filmers… It is no wonder that with this has been a surge of animators making Brick Films that match film trailers frame for frame, write new stories for their small plastic heroes or parody some of their favourite films and TV shows. Due to the popularity of these franchises that Brick Filmers are doing their own takes on, it is quite often these videos that get viewed more on channels like YouTube and Vimeo.

Deadpool is a character that I didn’t think would ever make it to the big screen in his own film. A brief version in one of the X-Men Wolverine films was probably the best I thought we would get, so I was pleasantly surprised when it was confirmed the “Merc with the Mouth” would be featured in his own movie. Ryan Reynolds was a good choice of actor, reprising his role from the Wolverine film, but he obviously has a small green problem hanging over his head… Reynolds had previously played an incarnation of Hal Jordan, The Green Lantern in a previous attempt at a superhero movie, which wasn’t that well received by critics or fans alike, myself included.

So, we thought that we would give Deadpool, and Ryan Reynolds himself, an attempt to right a few wrongs of the film world via the medium of Brick Film…

It is a short animation, which we used as an opportunity to use parts of iMovie for the iPad that we hadn’t ventured into before… It was filmed in 1080px HD at 15fps in Stop Motion Studio for iPad on an iPad2, with an iPhone 4S as a remote camera, as per our SETUP HERE.

The music and graphics were all parts of the themes and trailers available in iMovie for iPad. It uses a simple drag and drop interface which allows you to drop film or photo elements into a pre made template that also allows you to add text to certain pre made graphic panels. The trailer I used was a bit too long for what I wanted, so I had to edit it down afterwards, again in iMovie for iPad. Overall the finished effect is pretty good and feels like a film trailer, which you can watch for yourself below!

Ryan Reynolds is dead, long live Ryan Reynolds!

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