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Minifigure by Morgan Husbands

Minifigure by Morgan Husbands











I have setup as a way of trying to help people, especially parents with Lego mad kids, to learn a bit about stop-frame animation, which for parents is a great way to engage with their children and spend some time creating with them to alleviate boredom at weekends and through the long summer holidays, which my own kids are currently on.

When I got home from the day job the other day my son had spent some of his day looking through the website, watching the animations and reading some of my ramblings, after which he had retreated to his Lego table and started making his own Minifigure Motion Lego figures, which he was keen for me to photograph and use on the site…

So, myself and Morgan would like to introduce to you, “Filming Fred” and “Camera Kyle”, who will be helping our mascot “Mac Motion” run the website, make animations and much more… Much like I hope that Morgan will be joining me and helping me run the website and making animations as well…

Its great when you can get involved in your children’s hobbies, and even greater when they get involved in yours!

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